When a large project has finally been green-lit and looms on the horizon ready to take over all the resources the company can throw at it, the last thing any company wants to worry about is recruiting and creating the right team. Resource augmentation is a simple solution that could save your company money, man-hours, and painful gearing-up phases. To put it simply, resource augmentation allows your company to scale up on a per-project basis and focus on the big picture of the project without getting hung up in the details.

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Get the skills you need only when needed

Resource augmentation allows your company to hire based on the specific skills you need for each project. Regardless of whether you need help with one area of your company or the entire business model when you attain targeted skills, it allows you to hire the right candidate for the job that needs to be done. Imagine a hiring process that is full of talent and where you pick the exact skill set you need for the duration you need it and you will have found yourself hiring inside a resource augmentation process.


We have been doing it all along

Resource Augmentation is nothing new to the business world and is more commonly known as contracting – this is when companies hire the extra help they need only for a specific project or a particular period.

So, without further delay here are 6 Reasons you need Resource Augmentation:

1 Cost-Effectiveness

The tough truths of the business world are never an easy pill to swallow and some projects are only weeks or months long, making full-time hires for these projects is not the best investment of your company’s resources. A single full-time worker is a costly investment; salary, benefits, and tax expenses are just the tip of the iceberg. Using resource augmentation allows you to engage an experienced employee for the duration of your project for only the cost of the project, freeing up more of your company’s working capital and padding your bottom line.

Cost streamlining is important for global companies to have a positive balance sheet and growth degree. There are two perspectives to look at on this cost-cutting aspect of the resource augmentation model. As per records, Resource Augmentation is more economical and decreases base costs when hiring a contract employee over searching and contracting a permanent appointment. The base salary, benefits, and employee security measures take a big bite into the project development pie. Especially when benefits, like living expenses and other allowances, are included in the employee package, which is comparatively higher in a developed country over a developing country.

There is no factor worth considering more about resource augmentation than operational costs such as office expenses, electricity, or stationery. This further increases the amount of money companies could end up saving which can be utilized for other areas of a business such as Research and Development etc.

2 Superior Flexibility

Companies love to expand their horizons and dive into new sources of income and value generation. They even sometimes make half measures hoping for a chance to convert a prospect into a client without immediately realizing that this can pose serious threats to their balance sheets. With resource augmentation companies can bid on projects of different sizes, sectors, and types. This implies that companies don’t have to say no to any of those inquiries which aren’t their area of expertise and gives the company new expansion opportunities - the flexibility and adaptability that these companies get from resource augmentation helps them broaden their service network.

3 Control

Compared to an outsourcing strategy Resource Augmentation gives companies the reigns of any particular project. With resource augmentation, they can keep track of the pace and quality at every stage and even on demand. Once outsourced, companies lose their monopoly to add or remove resources at any point in time due to contractual obligations and the rules and regulations of the outsourcing entity.

4 Best Quality

Finding the right candidate with the relevant qualities, and, experience and qualifications can prove costly and time-consuming. But augmentation service providers have access to a global pool of resources at their will. So, companies working with these agencies will have access to the exact sets of skills they are looking for in project completion and hitting their targets.

5 Hassle-Free Hires

Augmentation doesn’t require any lengthy paperwork and the tedious process of filing and sanctioning. Hence, it is a time-saving process, and companies can concentrate more on the development sideaspects than on the hiring process.

6 Increased Productivity

Specialist talents are acquired through much time and hands-on experience, two things companies can make better use of. Resource augmentation can help companies deliver their projects faster having minimal to no efforts on learning and development interventions, knowledge transfers etc. which lessens the learning curve burden on the permanent staff.

An arrival that changed the world

With resource augmentation’s many benefits arrival in the IT sector, these advantages have made augmentation spread like wildfire over to other sectors and businesses – due to its many obvious advantages. And this spread proved to be a blessing to the bottom lines and balance sheets of many businesses and industries.

In the end…

Resource Augmentation has evolved a lot since it was first implemented & it is indeed the way forward for global companies in 2022/23. It guarantees a great deal of flexibility and cost-efficiency for your business. Many agencies with decades of experience in Salesforce Staffing Services are available at your service with expert guides to provide you with the competent assistance you need.

If you are interested in adopting resource augmentation to bolster the functions of your organization, visit here to schedule a one-to-one meeting with our experts.